Outset Legal LLP

Outset UK Group offers a creative and intelligent response to the complexity of business strategy, risk and compliance. 

We are a progressive professional services group including a solicitor practice providing organisations with an integrated blend of legal, consulting and safety solutions.  We believe that there is a better way to deliver legal and business services. 

Since 2002, we have been doing things differently, challenging the status quo, and asking the important question: Why? Why are services delivered in this way? Why are business advisory and legal firms structured as they are? And most importantly: Why is the client coming to us, and what is it they actually want?

We enjoy what we do and enjoy being part of a team. We believe everyone should feel valued, and we want our people to growth with us and share in our success. 

We cut to the chase, focus on the issues and make things happen. That’s what drives us.

We are continuing to grow and we need great people who think like us to help us deliver our goals. 

We believe our advice, whether legal, business consultancy, HR or safety shouldn’t be given in a vacuum. It should be provided with a rounded view of the pressures and considerations facing our clients. It should be practical, proportionate, balanced and, of course, useful. It should add real value and be advice – not just a list of options. 

We love technology and use it wherever we can. We want dealing with us to be as easy, straightforward and worthwhile. 

That’s our vision, if it sounds like yours, it would be great to talk.