The Other Jobs (Besides a Solicitor) in the Legal World

The Other Jobs (Besides a Solicitor) in the Legal World

Chances are that you’ve probably heard in the past about people who get law degrees, only to end up finding success outside of the legal realm. As inspiring as some of these stories can be, it’s not always practical to make such a leap. The good news here is that even if you don’t want to be a solicitor, there are several different ways to make your mark in a legal profession. Here are some standout options.

Become A Paralegal: This is one of the most common destinations for people who want to work in law without being solicitors, and with good reason. A paralegal plays a variety of different roles in helping legal professionals with their work. One notable thing is that as paralegals are getting more autonomy in the workplace, their compensation is starting to grow.

Become A Legal Secretary: A legal secretary is similar to a paralegal in that they provide support to legal professionals. It’s how they do so that’s different. Legal secretaries primarily help in a clerical capacity, dealing with the correspondence a solicitor or barrister gets, as well as preparing various legal documents.

Become A Court Usher: Generally, law graduates who pursue this route escort judges to and from court, as well as preparing and closing courtrooms. Court ushers also play an important role in legal proceedings, carrying out important duties like maintaining order and administering oaths.

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