Redkite Solicitors

Since 1898, Redkite Solicitors have been helping individuals, families and businesses across Wales and England resolve their legal issues with dedicated support and tailored solutions.

Redkite Solicitors was formed following the merger in 2011 of two large firms of Solicitors, Lowless & Lowless who were based in Pembrokeshire in Wales, and Morris Roberts Solicitors of Carmarthenshire, Wales. Over the years we have been joined by many other firms of Solicitors including Paul Settatree & Co, Walter Williams Solicitors, Rogers-Haggar, Trant & Richards and Steel & Hitchcock.

Our quest to grow and find the most dedicated legal experts in the UK brought us to a merger in 2017 with three longstanding law firms, Charles Crookes of Cardiff, George Tudor & De Winton of Brecon and The Phoenix Legal Group of Stroud, Stonehouse and Dursley in Gloucestershire.

The Phoenix Legal Group itself comprises of four law firms from the Gloucester area; Goldinghams LLP, Lapage Norris Sons and Saleby Ltd, Read & Co Solicitors and Scott Keen LLP who also decided to merge in 2011.

While Redkite Solicitors continues to evolve and improve, some things will always remain the same: our passion for helping people and our dedication to the communities in which our offices are located.

The founders of Redkite started the journey to use our specialist skills to help our clients from one stage in life to the next. From victims of injuries to separating families and businesses looking to expand, our solicitors work each day to achieve the right result for you; whether it’s compensation, a successful business transaction or a fair divorce settlement.

Our firm is founded on the principle of specialist expertise, and our expert teams of solicitors provide guidance in virtually every aspect of the law. We are committed to keeping our advice simple, straightforward and jargon free because the last thing you need when you are facing a legal issue is to be bombarded with complex legal terminology.

As a law firm rooted in our local community, we are proud of our history and that means for our offices in Wales we will give you the option of receiving your legal advice in Welsh or English: whichever suits you best. 

When you instruct one of the experts at Redkite Solicitors, you can be sure you’re receiving advice you can trust from experts who will be with you, every step of the way.